The Most Important Thing We Can Learn in School

In this video I tell a story about the most important teacher in my life, and what he helped me discover.



My own personal mission statement is “to find my own path to self-belief so that I can help others find their path”.  I believe that we can only begin to believe in ourselves when some other person first shows that they believe in us.  Mr Matz did that for me.


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PS Here is a little bit more about that awesome biology teacher, Mr Matz.

Telling Stories that Engage and Inspire

The 7 Steps of Great Stories

At the very simplest, a story is: A character, who wants something and overcomes obstacles to get it.

How can you develop better stories so that people stop and listen to you?

In this five minute story-board video I am going to share with you 7 elements that will make your stories more engaging and impactful.

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The real depth of any story is not whether the character achieves the goal but who they become as they face the obstacles along the path.

What are your favourite stories?  What role models do you have from books and film?


Can you tell me the way to Story Road (Read More…)


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