Making Life Changes, Building Good Habits

What habits are made easy because of the layout of your home, your office, the friends you hang out with?

Our surroundings affect us more than our intention and our discipline.

Making Changes that Stick, Building Good Habits

How might you change the structure of your life in order to make certain positive habits more likely to happen?

So the question is: are you aware of the structure of your life?  Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

  • luca rossini

    Now that is interesting.
    I am personally living a car-type moment of my life.

    It’s true for outdoors that once you’re out you are pulled in.
    But sometimes in other situations is difficult (or weird) to keep the steering, isn’t it? Just too many unusual things surrounding me.
    But I’ll reflect of the underlying structure, there’s something to learn there, and it may well help me to complete the full turn.

    thank you.