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Conor Neill

Are you an executive looking to improve your performance, leadership skills and to someday transition to higher responsibility in your organisation?

In addition to his role as Professor of Leadership Communication at IESE Business school, Conor has been working directly with organisations, teams and executives for 15 years to implement change initiatives and develop executive presence.

We will work to improve your influence and impact:

  • Improve leadership skills and performance to increase executive impact and influence
  • Increase leadership capacity and self-awareness
  • Create personal accountability and specific actions for success and change
  • Successfully transition to a bigger role in the company
  • Address behaviour that stands in the way of advancement

Conor Neill is a trusted advisor to leaders around the world.

CEOs and successful entrepreneurs from across North America, Europe and Asia have sought out Conor to help them make quantum leaps in the profits and impact of their business – while transforming their personal lives. Why? Because of his years of experience and his gift of providing insights, tools and systems that drive real business value and dramatic personal results – especially in times of deep uncertainty.

An Opportunity to Work One-on-One

Personal Leadership Coaching offers you an opportunity to work one-on-one with Conor.

Over a 15 year period Conor has developed a powerful executive coaching process while working with top CEOs and organisations like Accenture, Novartis, Bayer, IBM, Microsoft, WPP, the EO and YPO organisations, IESE Business School and University College Dublin.

Through this performance coaching program, you will achieve:

  • A sense of clarity and meaning in your life and work
  • An ability to connect deeply with others and share your vision
  • A process to improve your productivity
  • Strategic insights that will help your business win in hard times
  • Tools to develop an top performance mindset and the attitude of a leader
  • How to get back to having fun in your life

Tailored Coaching Programs

Often individuals have very specific coaching options and Conor has developed 2 specific skill programs

  • Speaking in Public, Preparing and Delivering a TED-style talk
  • Mission, Vision & Values – clarifying and implementing a proactive personal and company culture.  This is often run as a leadership team-coaching process (leadership groups of up to 10 individuals)


Investment Starts at €2,300 EUR/month.

For more information: [email protected]