EMBA EMBAssadors Program 2017

Sustained High Performance over the Long term

Staying #1 for 15 years in Sport and in Business

Special Program for EMBA EMBAssador Program 2017

This intense short program will look in depth at three areas of sustaining high performance over the long term.

It is not enough to have one great day.  Success is about systematically repeating your good days.  In this program we will look at the three underlying ingredients that are necessary in a life of sustained high performance.  We will have a teacher, a CEO and a #1 world ranked sportsman jointly running this program for a select group of committed EMBA graduates on the EMBASSADOR program.

Program Faculty 

Fernando Berasteguin, “Bela”, is the World #1 in Padel.  He was the youngest player to achieve a #1 ranking, and he has maintained that world #1 ranking for the following 15 years.  He turned professional at the age of 15.  How has he maintained the inspiration to stay at the top of world padel for all this time?

They call him “el Messi de Padel”. The balls have changed, the rackets have changed, the courts have changed… and through all of these changes Bela has adapted faster and stayed world number 1.  Bela is the author of the book: FERNANDO BELASTEGUÍN: ESTA ES MI HISTORIA: 13 AÑOS CONSECUTIVOS SIENDO NÚMERO 1 DEL MUNDO

Xavier Escales is CEO of ASICS Iberia.  He, together with his close friend and co-CEO have grown ASICS from #8 to #1 in Spain, have reached €150M in turnover.  He is on a mission to reach €400M in 8 years time.  This growth in revenues, in client engagement and in market share has come because Xavier knows how to engage his people.  ASICS is a major sponsor of Bela and together they are developing a strong brand in the Padel market.

Xavier is intensely focussed on Employee Engagement in ASICS and has deliberately created a deeply engaging and inspiring company culture.  You notice it the moment you enter their offices.  (Perfil en Expansion)

Conor Neill is Lecturer in Leadership Communication at IESE Business School, having taught over 20,000 participants over the last 14 years.  He is President of Vistage Spain.  Vistage is the world’s leading CEO development organisation with 21,000 CEO members.  (About Conor Neill)



Program Structure

 (Dates – To Be Agreed with Xavier & Bela)

Thursday 11 May – 15:00 to 18:00

  •  Framework: Individual High Performance and Team High Performance (Reading: Chapters of Good to Great by Jim Collins)
  •  Introductions
  •  The Professional’s approach to Practice and Preparation
  •  Case: Fernando Berasteguin and ASICS
  •  Individual High Performance Project

Thursday 1 June – 15:00 to 18:00

  •  Understanding the Emotional Rollercoaster of High Performance
  •  Handling Uncomfortable Emotional States
  •  Individual Presentations of High Performance Project
  •  Finding your Purpose, connecting daily to your purpose
  •  Staying Resilient in the tough times
  •  Staying Wise in euphoric times