Power: 4 Ways To Express Power

What do powerful people do that weak people do not do?  

There are 4 clear ways that powerful people behave.

Ineffectual people haven’t learned these ways of acting.  Do you use these 4 ways of attracting power?

Three Benefits of Acting with Power:

  • Powerful People live longer
  • Powerful People get more done
  • Powerful People attract wealth

This video shows 4 ways that you can express power.

So the question is: are you working on these qualities?

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…


  • Looking forward to your comments, questions and reflections! 😉

    • How about affirming the good we see in others as a positive way to softly exerce our power over them! The aforementioned qualities appear to be self-centered!

  • For me I feel too megalomaniac to say “I want power”, I feel more comfortable saying “I want to feel POWERFUL”. If I feel powerful, if i act powerful then obviously the natural consequence is power will come. Is that just my female perspective? But yes, I’m in agreement. (she says after a pause, a thought, reflection,) Be concise, direct, own your actions and I love this one YES!!! I’m allowed to be angry. Loving it Conor. Now I want someone to make me angry so I can practice it!! Just to be controversial, you forgot to mention sex… longer life and better sex.

  • Powerful post on power. I hadn’t considered the importance of showing anger to being powerful, but now that I think about it, the most powerful people I know have always been able to express anger without shame. Provocative piece!

    • Thank you Bill. It takes courage to express anger without being taken over by the emotion of anger. There is a very important distinction between “acting out of anger” (not good) and “acting expressing anger” (powerful).

  • Power is like money: it brings out mixed emotions in a lot of people. But like so many other things, power is neither inherently good nor bad; it is how it is used. Interesting that the four recommendations can be used individually or in combination. For example, if someone asks you a question, you (1) pause and reflect, (2) answer with direct language and (3) use strong gestures as appropriate.

    The interesting thing is that power becomes a self-fulfilling, or perhaps self-enhancing, thing. When you have it, you are in a position to generate more of it. As you generate more of it, you start to understand it better and you are more confident in using it. It reminds me of the interview that Barack Obama gave to Marc Maron on WTF (in Maron’s garage!). It’s a long interview, but here are the highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqka1TZEI7k At 4:15, Obama talks about why he thinks he would be a better President were he to have a third term in office. I love what he said: “I know what I’m doing and I’m fearless. That’s such a liberating feeling.”

    Great video. Succinct, concrete and actionable advice.

    • “I know what I’m doing and I’m fearless. That’s such a liberating feeling.” I love it. Great interview – so down to earth to begin, and Obama knows how to keep his boundaries – 5 minutes of interview… and he was done at 4:56… I find it so hard to put hard boundaries on my time… people ask for a minute and then take 11… and I let it happen. Need to improve.

  • Many are uncomfortable speaking/thinking about power. This talk highlights some great reasons to push past this resistance and truly decide that power is not something to be ashamed of but rather something to pursue and be used for good. Making this decision creates clarity and removes friction.

    Great key actions to ponder and apply at the right times. Thanks, Conor!

    • Yep, power as a word has so many connotations. There are many that reject the idea, hate the idea… I think in many cases they are those that never learnt to get power, and so they make themselves feel better by saying that “it is not important”. I would agree that trying to please others is not important, but that is not what we mean by power here – power is engaging with others, but knowing where I stand and where my limits are.

  • Ecatherine Matnadze

    Thought provoking! Made me think of people I know who are and are not powerful. I fully agree – deciding being powerful is key. And actually deciding is so much more than just rationally understanding power is important. To many people acting powerfully does not come naturally, so it would require disciplined, conscious effort day after day, and unless one has very clear why it’s important, it will be difficult to sustain the changed behaviour.

    And one other point – just food for thought – some research shows that while showing anger by men is perceived as a sign of strength and power, the perception is somewhat different when it’s a woman who shows anger (too emotional…). But this is a whole different conversation 🙂

    Loved the video, Conor. Concise and practical.

  • Good post as always Conor – How about some examples of past and present men and women you feel “act with power”.

  • What the heck are you talking about?!!!!! Just kidding 😉 Trying to practise on showing my anger. Another great video Conor. Great insights within a very short timeframe. I’ll keep the advice in mind and use it.

  • Conor-
    I’m disagreeing in almost everything:

    – power is important: is it? for how you define it, I think a more reserved and gentle approach can be even more powerful. ability to affect change? let’s think of Gandhi – first the cause, power comes as side effect, doesn’t it?

    – anger? isn’t this feeling the definition of out-of-control behavior? i’m curious, do you have examples in which it brought positive impact? I think you can be committed, communicative, direct and unmovable, and not remorseful (this is essential!) still without anger, which has no added value from my point of view…

    – answer when ready… true. but is it something to be generalized? should be careful since it could be a form of hiding. It can be a show stopper and trim your wings. To jump in things “before you’re ready”, which is a very powerful tool to embrace important change, is sometimes essential, and pushed you to find a way. you might LOOK less powerful, but you will go much further….

    …isn’t it?